Katerina Chantzi

Path to intentional living
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With proficiency across multiple disciplines, I bring my expertise as a
Project Manager
Teacher - Instructor Designer
, and
My mission is to empower those with limited opportunities by sharing knowledge, fostering connections, and creating inclusive environments.
Key Attributes:
  • Authenticity - present a true reflection of who I am and bring people on board to encourage genuine interactions.
  • Relationship builder - access to networks and trusting relationships with diverse group of people
  • Creativity - setting up the big picture based on ideas, values and principles
  • Action oriented - proactive thinker, determined to achieve results, self-starter, and a quick thinker
  • Resilience - adapt easily to diverse and different environments and situations
  • Synthesizing mind - connecting seemingly unrelated ideas and bridging gaps
My ultimate goal is to make a positive impact on the world, one person at a time. Let's collaborate to build a more sustainable and fulfilling future!


Let's connect and see how we can bring your ideas to life. I'm excited to hear all about it! How can I help?
Drop an email at info@katerinachantzi.com to get in touch
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Connect with me on Linkedin
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My Story

From the land of Ancient Greek gods
My journey started in my hometown, Larisa, Greece, where I studied at a music school. In 2013, I moved to Athens to earn my Bachelor's degree in social policy. As my studies were quite theoretical, I began volunteering and working part-time in marketing agencies to gain real-world experience in the field of working with socially vulnerable groups. These experiences taught me invaluable lessons about how to interact with people from different backgrounds.
To Transformative Tapa
In 2017, I decided to move to Tapa, Estonia to gain practical experience working with people with disabilities. This experience was transformative, as it taught me how to break tasks into small, actionable steps and use my power and privilege to help others be as independent as possible. During that time, I developed strategies to manage the overwhelming nature of my work and later moved to Denmark to volunteer with an organisation that supported students with social and behavioral issues.
Moving forward to the warm heart of Africa
My desire to learn and fulfill my dreams based on my values didn't stop there. I left Denmark to become a homeschool teacher for a Finnish family in Malawi, where I strengthened my belief in making people independent and teaching them the knowledge and skills needed to sustainably grow and evolve.
To then discover the land of unicorns
I still felt that I was missing something to completely fulfil my dream, so I came back to Europe to earn my Master's degree in Social Entrepreneurship. During my studies, I founded BinFree, a doorstep service for collecting recyclable bottles and glass containers that rewarded customers for a more sustainable lifestyle. It was during my time as a Document Administrator that I discovered my natural talent for organising processes, documents, and procedures, which I always had. I thought that all people had the same charisma, and there was nothing special about it. My experience of several relocations in the previous years also allowed me to cultivate organisational skills and get rid of what didn't fit my purpose in life.
And decide to Go clean(tech)
I continued with my project in BinFree and began working as a project manager freelancing in different organisations to build up my network and bring impactful ideas to life. I joined Cleantech Estonia in 2021 to manage projects related to education, entrepreneurship, and climate leadership, where I developed workshops, training, and projects on clean tech entrepreneurship, supporting entrepreneurs that change the world with their inventions.
Where the less is more
During my journey, I realised that I needed to shift BinFree from recycling to education and acquired my professional organiser title. Since 2020, I have developed learning materials to teach people how to live with less by doing workshops with SmartSwap, Tallinn University, and Pärnu Arenduskeskus, Saku county, teaching people the skills and knowledge to focus on what really matters in their daily lives by manifesting it from the external to the internal world and vice versa.
And finally, the hard work pays off!
In 2022, my hard work and dedication were recognised when I was named one of the Top 100 women in Europe in Social Entrepreneurship by Euclid Network. From October 2022, I have been promoted to Chief Operations Officer at Cleantech Estonia, where I am responsible for ensuring that the organisation achieves its goals both internally and externally, by developing and driving the organisation's strategy, overseeing day-to-day operations, coaching the team, and building and maintaining trusting relationships with external stakeholders.
Countries I have visited and lived in:
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Public appearances

I have been always keen to share my knowledge, my insights, points of view with the public and open discussions on interesting topics. Find below my public appearances:
🎥 🇬🇧 Climathon Tallinn 2022

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Drop an email at info@katerinachantzi.com to get in touch
Connect with me on Linkedin
Connect with me on Linkedin
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