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I empower early-stage entrepreneurs to develop their businesses sustainably and to amplify their impact through facilitation lens. I have been recognised as one of the Euclid Network's Top 100 Women in Social Entrepreneurship for 2022 and have gained experience and insights through my various roles in impact entrepreneurship, education, and community building across Europe and Africa. My approach is characterised by fostering authentic interactions and building trusting relationships, coupled with a strong determination to achieve tangible results, combining diverse perspectives that are thoughtfully brought together to create comprehensive solutions. I support changemakers in realising the positive impact they envision for the world, approaching it in a feasible, honest, and sustainable manner—benefiting themselves, their communities, and the world as a whole.


  • Consulting: Provide consulting services to early-stage impact entrepreneurs, tailoring support to their individual needs and well-being, to develop and articulate their business based on their capabilities
  • Facilitation: Provide facilitation and moderation services within the social impact sector. I help facilitators to improve their practices and design effective processes in social innovation communities and events.
  • Educational Services: Design compelling curricula and provide teaching expertise to ignite interest, share knowledge, and impart essential skills to aspiring impact entrepreneurs.
  • Project Management: Design and implement projects dedicated to supporting early stage impact entrepreneurs, ensuring they thrive in sustainable business development.


Let's connect and see how we can bring your ideas to life. I'm excited to hear all about it! How can I help?
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Connect with me on Linkedin
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My Story

From the land of Ancient Greek gods 🇬🇷🏔️
My journey started in my hometown, Larisa, Greece, where I studied at a music school. In 2013, I moved to Athens to earn my Bachelor's degree in social policy. As my studies were quite theoretical, I began volunteering and working part-time in marketing agencies to gain real-world experience in the field of working with socially vulnerable groups. These experiences taught me invaluable lessons about how to interact with people from different backgrounds.
To Transformative Tapa 🇪🇪 🇩🇰
In 2017, I moved to Tapa, Estonia to gain practical experience working with people with disabilities. This experience was transformative, as it taught me how to break tasks into small, actionable steps and use my power and privilege to help others be as independent as possible. During that time, I developed strategies to manage the emotional and physical challenges of social care work and later moved to Denmark to volunteer with an organisation that supported students with social and behavioural issues.
Moving forward to the warm heart of Africa 🇲🇼☀️
My desire to learn and fulfil my dreams based on my values didn't stop there. I left Denmark to become a homeschool teacher for a Finnish family in Malawi, where I strengthened my belief in the importance of making people independent and teaching them the knowledge and skills needed to sustainably grow and evolve.
To then discover the land of unicorns 🇪🇪 🦄
I still felt that I was missing something to completely fulfil my dream, so I came back to Europe, and specifically to Estonia, to earn my Master's degree in Social Entrepreneurship. During my studies, I founded BinFree, a doorstep service for collecting recyclable bottles and glass containers that rewarded customers for a more sustainable lifestyle. It was during my time as a Document Administrator that I discovered my natural talent for organising processes, documents, and procedures. My experience of several relocations in the previous years also allowed me to cultivate organisational skills and get rid of what didn't fit my purpose in life.
And decided to Go clean(tech) 🇪🇪♻️ I continued with my project in BinFree and began working as a project manager freelancing in different organisations to build up my network and bring impactful ideas to life. I joined Cleantech Estonia in 2021 to manage projects related to education, entrepreneurship, and climate leadership, where I developed workshops, training, and projects on clean tech entrepreneurship, supporting entrepreneurs that change the world with their inventions.
And finally, the hard work pays off 🚺 👏
In 2022, my hard work and dedication were recognised when I was named one of the Top 100 women in Europe in Social Entrepreneurship by Euclid Network. Driven by my passion for social innovation, I expanded my involvement in the field, seizing more opportunities at the European level to support innovators spread their message and connect with key stakeholders. Notable examples of my engagement in these activities are serving as a moderator at the ChangeNOW conference in Paris in spring 2023 and participating as a mentor in the Women In Tech and Deep Ecosystems accelerator program.
To lead me down a new path of interdisciplinary solopreneur 🚶‍♀️🥰
After embarking on this remarkable journey, I made the deliberate choice to pursue a freelance path, establishing and independently managing my two ventures: BinFree and Lysistrate. This decision was driven by my desire to take a more proactive stance in the field and bring into life the change I envision for the entrepreneurial sector. Thus, in April 2023, Lysistrate MTÜ was established to empower communities by leveraging privilege for the benefit of less privileged populations, with a special focus on female empowerment and sustainability. BinFree OÜ remains active, now with a new role in building a sustainable future for all by providing knowledge-sharing activities related to impact entrepreneurship.
By leading these two ventures, I've gained the freedom to explore topics I'm passionate about. I work alongside like-minded individuals who share my values and interests. Are you one of those people?

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