Katerina is an inspiring person to work with. We collaborated on a volunteering project for Action for Happiness, facilitating well-being sessions for a diverse group. Her open-mindedness, friendly nature, and experience in working with different backgrounds stood out. Even during busy and chaotic times, she demonstrated exceptional organisation and leadership skills. Katerina's ability to take initiative while excelling in teamwork was impressive. Working with her was a great experience, and I highly recommend her services”
- Siiri Saas, Positive Psychology Practitioner and Coach
I have had the pleasure of working with Katerina on multiple projects over the past three years, and in each instance, she has impressed me with her analytical mindset and her willingness to share her expertise to help others. She is exactly the type of person who knows something about everything and everything about something. Not only does she consistently deliver high-quality work on time, but she also remains fully engaged with our team's shared goals, providing motivation and support whenever needed. She has great in-depth knowledge about organising, sustainability, and social enterprises. Her strong work ethic, analytical thinking, and willingness to contribute make her an invaluable asset to any project with which she is involved. I highly recommend her to any team seeking a reliable and dedicated collaborator. - Hanna Gerta Alamets, Co-Founder at Lysistrate MTÜ
Katerina is simply amazing. Her approach to motivating people is perfect - she blends strictness with kindness, making sure that people feel empowered to keep up with their work without feeling belittled. Communication with her is always straightforward and easy to understand. Her greatest strength, in my opinion, is leading by example. Seeing how motivated and committed she is to her work, it's impossible not to feel inspired to do the same” - Kristiine-Liis Orav, Participant at Minimalism Challenge classes
"Katerina does an exceptional work in the cleantech industry, social entrepreneurship, and startup mentoring. Her deep understanding of the industry intricacies, strategic insights, and passion to support social businesses and startups make her an invaluable resource for anyone seeking to make a positive impact in the world. Her dedication and commitment to her clients are unparalleled, and she exceeded my expectations in every way. Katerina's ability to translate complex concepts into actionable steps and provide valuable insights has been the most impactful aspect of our work together. I wholeheartedly recommend Katerina's services to anyone seeking to navigate the challenges and seize opportunities in the cleantech industry.” - Aleksandra Kekkonen, Researcher & Lecturer at Estonian Business School
"Katerina is a highly-connected professional with extensive experience in cleantech and environmental entrepreneurship. She has an exceptional ability to identify unspoken needs and address them promptly. Thanks to her, I was able to access business opportunities and approach mentorship options with greater confidence. I highly recommend working with Katerina if you're in the early stages of business development and need a structured and knowledgeable mentor, or if you're looking for someone to help you bring your ideas to life.” - Ingrid Nielsen, Renewable energy expert at Estonian Nature Foundation
She listens attentively, points out areas of improvement, and is always supportive, encouraging and motivating. Katerina Chantzi was my mentor in the Women in Tech Program and she was amazing. Her sessions were organised, and she instilled confidence in me when I felt low. Katerina is knowledgeable about networking and goal-setting and I highly recommend her services. Thank you for your help, Katerina!” - Amruta Lopes, Data Scientist
"Katerina's Minimalism Challenge was a breakthrough for me during the Covid era. It helped me prepare for my move after two decades of living in the same house, and I finally became aware of all the clutter I had accumulated. Despite being part of a group with diverse backgrounds, Katerina's insights helped me acknowledge what I was missing in life - to live light and carry only what's essential. She not only helped us identify material clutter, but also digital and mental clutter. Katerina's exceptional facilitation and networking skills encouraged even the most reserved people in the group to open up and share their insights.” - Sonia Kaukonen, Senior UI/UX Designer at Trimble
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